"Joints for Jabs": Washington state giving away weed to residents who get vaccinated

Washington state's Liquor and Cannabis Board approved licensed cannabis sellers to "provide one joint to adult consumers who receive COVID-19 vaccination at an in-store vaccination clinic." Don't they realize that the COVID-19 vaccine is a gateway drug?! What's next, giving kids flu shots!? From the state's "Joints for Jabs" advisory:

* Participating cannabis retailers may only provide a pre-roll joint, and no other product may be provided as part of this allowance.
* Any cannabis joint provided to a customer must be associated with an active vaccine clinic event at the retail location.
* Only one complimentary joint may be provided to a customer who receives a first or second COVID-19 vaccine dose at the event.
* Receipt of the complimentary joint must occur during the same visit as receiving the vaccination, and may not be delayed, postponed, or otherwise acquired at a later date or time.

image (cropped): Torben Hansen (CC BY 2.0)