Video shows what one unit looked like right as Florida condo building started to collapse

A woman who lived in Surfside, Florida's 12-story condo building that partially collapsed on Thursday, killing at least four people, shared eerie surveillance footage of her unit right before it came crashing down. It sounded and looked like rain as debris started falling from her ceiling. Then there was a loud clank, followed by a muted rumbling sound before the video went dark. Her 7th floor condo unit was nothing but "just dust" after the collapse, the resident, Rosie Santana, told CNN.

Fortunately, Santana, who had been in the unit for the past three weeks, had just left for a long weekend the day before it collapsed and was not hurt. From CNN: "That's our apartment, my family apartment. I actually left for the weekend yesterday and I always set up a camera when I leave, so that was the footage I got. It only records when it detects movement so… it detected movement, it recorded that piece, and then it lost connection." 

Miami-Dade's Mayor Daniella Levine Cava said earlier today that there were 159 people who live in the building that were unaccounted for.