Have you made your plans for the celebration of the cryopreservation of Grandpa Bredo yet?

If you happen to find yourself in Nederland, Colorado next year during the second weekend of March, don't miss out on the Frozen Dead Guy Days celebration. This unique festival, noted as "Cryonics first Mardi Gras," is centered around a celebration of the cryopreservation of Grandpa Bredo (Bredo Morstoel). Grandpa Bredo was born and raised in Norway, where he spent his time fishing, skiing, hiking, and enjoying his career as the director of parks and recreation of Norway's Baerum County. He died of a heart condition in 1989. Instead of a typical burial, his body was packed in dry ice and frozen in liquid nitrogen for four years. He was then transferred to the small town of Nederland, Colorado so that his body could be near his family. He is kept inside of a shed. 

From The Frozen Dead Guy Day website:

Grandpa Bredo is over 110 years old. For years, he's taken up residence in a Tuff Shed in the hills above Nederland, Colorado, where he remains very, very, very cold. More specifically, Grandpa is frozen in a state of suspended animation, awaiting the big thaw. The one that will bring him back to life.

I've never attended frozen Dead Guy Days, but I plan on heading to this one-of-a-kind event next year. The festival is full of fun activities such as  Coffin races in the snow, a hearse parade, a "frozen dead guy" lookalike contest, a dance called "grandpas blue ball," snow sculpture contests, and much more. A documentary about Grandpa Bredo is also shown each year, called Grandpas In The Tough Shed. I've been wanting to attend this festival for the past few years, and can't wait to finally go next March. I hope to see you there!