Omnishambles as UK health minister quits over filmed affair with aide

The U.K.'s health minister, Matt Hancock, resigned this weekend after footage of him kissing and embracing an aide in his office was leaked to a tabloid newspaper [The Sun]. The story has many bizarre and alarming facets.

• Hancock was already reeling from an earlier leak which showed that Prime Minister Boris Johnson described him as "totally fucking hopeless" early in the Covid pandemic.

• The romantic affair (both are married with children) broke his own pandemic rules against contact with strangers — the specific offense for which he has resigned.

• The aide, Gina Coladangelo, is also a millionaire entrepreneur who Hancock also had secretly appointed to the board of the Department of Health and Social Care and who had unrestricted access to Westminster on a pass under a name she does not normally use.

• There is no explanation for the presence of the hidden camera that filmed the affair and there appears to be outright panic brewing over the lack of security in U.K. government it exposes.

This is the omnishambles you may have heard about.