This website lets you randomly connect two Russian bureaucrats by phone to waste their time

A hacktivist group called Obfuscated Dreams of Scheherazade launched a website this morning called When you visit the site, you can click a button and the service will call and connect two random Russian bureaucrats, who will waste precious government time asking each what the hell is going on. So far over 5,000 calls have been made.

From the site:

We have collected the phone numbers of thousands of Duma employees, employees of the Ministry of War and Economy, mid-level administrators and high-ranking politicians from Russia.

This is a civil intervention: if you are hanging on the phone, you canʼt drop bombs, you canʼt coordinate soldiers, you canʼt make invasion plans. It brings a bit of chaos to the warmongering of the Russian government. We donʼt want war, ever. We want a peaceful intervention.