Official Moomin keycaps

Moomin, the adorable forest creatures created by artist Tove Jansson and currently enjoying a successful run as a UK-Finnish TV show starring Taron Egerton, Rosamund Pike, Matt Berry and Richard Ayoade, now have an official set of Moomincaps for their mechanical keyboards. (UK fans head here; more vendors here)

The letterforms are unremarkable (generally a good decision, as keycaps are like chess sets) with the characters on modifers: be sure to nab the "novelties" add-on to get them.

Based on the beloved children's show of the same name, GMK Moomin is an officially licensed keycap set designed by Rensuya. The colors are taken from the protagonist Moomintroll's family members who are all comprised of soft whites with gentle touches of color. For even more information about this set, you can check out our blog post from earlier this month.

Be sure to also check out the lovely Moomin Deskmats that feature characters from the show!