Twenty percent of U.S. adults think Covid vaccine is a secret microchipping program

One in five adults in the United States thinks the Covid vaccine contains microscopic tracking equipment, according to a poll The Economist and YouGov conducted to learn Americans' thoughts about vaccine resistance.

Those who reject vaccinations believe two negative theories about the effects of COVID-19 vaccines: half think it is likely that vaccines in general cause autism and that this vaccine in particular is being used by the government to microchip the population.  Most Americans reject these theories, but only minorities of those who oppose their vaccinations do.  Nearly one in three say they aren't sure what to believe

This is why Tucker Carlson refused to answer Time reporter Charlotte Alter when she asked him if he'd been vaccinated. Carlson's audience undoubted consists almost entirely of microchip truthers.

From Yahoo News:

When Alter asked him about his vaccination status at the end of a "meandering phone conversation" in June, she writes in a Carlson profile published Thursday, he replied: "Because I'm a polite person, I'm not going to ask you any supervulgar personal questions like that." Alter told Carlson he was welcome to ask her whatever he wanted, she adds, and "he broke into a cackle, like a hyena let loose in Brooks Brothers. 'I mean, are you serious? What's your favorite sexual position and when did you last engage in it?'"