Gawker's back

Behold the new Gawker, with a new look but a familiar approach. Everyone's talking about it. Editor-in-Chief Leah Finnegan was the features editor there until 2014 (and worked at The New York Times and The Outline in the interim). An introduction:

…no, it can't be exactly what it once was, but we strive to honor the past and embrace the present. We are here to make you laugh, I hope, and think, and do a spit-take or furrow your brow, or maybe go "huh!" or "wow!" or "damn!" or "what the fuck?" or "I'm glad someone finally said it!" You might notice it all looks a little different, and to that I say "a change of scenery enriches the soul." So, I hope you like it. And if you don't, that's really more of a "you" problem, I think.

A few for starters: Descriptors used to rate writers, ranked. Tarpley Hitt on suspected sex trafficker and alleged pedo guy Matt Gaetz (R-Fla); Space: The Lamest Frontier is as good a note about the vanity of billionaires as any; Sarah Hago on the overwhelming whiteness of ufology; Claire Carusillo on the unvarying Disney nose sported by celebrity rhinoplastees; and, well, there's a lot of launch content. No word yet from Peter.