Group of five men arrested for disorderly conduct and punching cops after refusing to wear masks on flight

Five freedom-loving gentlemen from New Jersey were ordered off a Spirit Airlines flight from Fort Lauderdale to their beloved Garden State because they didn't want to wear masks. Two of the group members, a father-and-son duo, may have thought that fighting would solve the problem and so were charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and disorderly conduct. The other three members of the defiant quintet were charged with disorderly conduct.

According to witnesses on the plane, the men yelled profanities at the flight crew when they were told to wear a mask. It took law enforcement to get them off the plane.

In the video you can hear Drake William Loyd, 24, John Anthony Bruce, 24, Matthew L. Novak, 24, Michael A. Lloyd, 23, and William J. Lloyd, 53 screaming at police as they are being escorted out of the airport.