This is what we love about Jen Psaki, in a nutshell

If anyone asks why Jen Psaki has cultivated a cult following that is unprecedented for a White House press secretary, this video from yesterday's press briefing can serve as a perfect example.

The way Psaki cut through the BS of a reporter's loaded question, which was intended to bait her into getting into a mud fight over Governor Ron DeSantis, perfectly encapsulates her adept ability to swiftly snip the fishing line, clean the blades, and sail on.

Using a tabloid headline as his source, the "reporter" asked: "A headline from the New York Post, from I believe two days ago, [says] 'Team Biden's War on DeSantis Is All About Kneecapping a Successful GOP Governor.' Can you address that?"

To which Psaki wrapped up in 10 seconds flat: "Our war is not on DeSantis, it's on the virus, which we're trying to kneecap, and he does not want to participate on that effort to kneecap the virus. Hence our concern."

Psaki then points to another reporter in the room. "Go ahead."