Florida chiropractor signing hundreds of medical exemptions for kids to not wear masks at school

Hundreds of people are lining up at Twin Palms Chiropractic in Venice, Florida where chiropractor Dan Busch is signing forms to medically exempt kids from wearing masks in the Sarasota County School District. From ABC7:

"The parent and child come in, we evaluate what their conditions are, see if they have a valid legitimate condition that would warrant a mask exemption," said Busch. "If they do not, they have to go on their way"…

Sarasota County School District officials said they are accepting these medical exemptions at the moment, but they are looking into whether it is legitimate or not.

"When there's suspicion behind them, we do have to do our due diligence in the end," said Craig Maniglia, director of communications for the Sarasota County School District. "It's not just to let anybody in, but to make sure there is a medical reason because we do understand that some kids cannot wear a mask, there's a medical condition and we just want to be as proactive as possible in stopping the spread."

I know a better way to proactively stop the spread.

image (modified to blur faces): screenshot from ABC7 video