This video of Edie Sedgwick talking about life is beautiful and heartbreaking

Edie Sedgwick- on going crazy, drugs and the afterlife features audio of the actress, model, fashion icon, and one of Warhol's superstars, Edie Sedgwick.

The audio in this 4-minute video begins with Edie saying, "I'd like to turn the whole world on, just for a moment."

She goes on to speak about drugs, her personal struggles and how they've affected her, and her thoughts about life and death. There is something beautiful and poetic about the way she expresses these ideas.

From YouTube:

Edie voices her cynicism about the flower children of her time and being in denial. She discusses her drug addiction and why she lost her mind. She also talks of a recurring dream, how she feels she's living on borrowed time, and her overall life philosophies. Includes clips from Andy Warhol's films Poor Little Rich Girl and Beauty No 2.