DIY double-decker RV angering neighbors in Seattle

There are plenty of RVs parked in cities where absurd housing prices and skyrocketing rents make it impossible for residents to live in traditional homes. But this RV in Seattle's hipster Ballard neighborhood stands out because its owners built a second story on top. Not surprisingly, neighbors are unhappy with the addition. Wish I could see the Nextdoor threads on this.

"We're worried that maybe it's going to fall down," neighbor Lane Imbler-Bremner told KOMO News. "We feel like they have more rights than us. I mean to go up on our house (to add a story) we would have to have several permits."

From KOMO News:

The Seattle Department of Transportation is responsible for ticketing and towing RV's, but spokesperson Ethan Bergerson says, "To my knowledge, I have never seen anything like this."

It appears that there is no playbook or ordinance to stop structures from being built on top of motor homes parked on Seattle's public streets

top image: video grab from KOMO News