Watch this video to see how Laci Fay and her family live every aspect of their lives like its 1958

This woman lives every day like it's 1958 is a video from 2019 about a woman named Laci Fay, who has constructed a lifestyle of which every aspect is vintage.

Laci's car, kitchen appliances, home decor, wardrobe, are all vintage. Even her makeup is from the 50s.

Laci's husband and son seem happy to comply with her love for the past, and help her to thrift for new additions to the house.

I love how committed this family is to living like they are from the 50s. It's truly impressive.

Laci explains that the first time she put on an authentic 1950s dress and did her hair and makeup to match, she finally felt like her authentic self. She has never looked back since.