I love sending animated e-cards for minor holidays

It's the first day of fall! Perhaps you'll celebrate by making squash soup, light a fall candle, or go on a walk to observe changing leaves. If you don't have much time to commemorate a new season, though, I recommend 123greetings.com, a free site that sends kitsch-y greetings to your friends' inboxes. They have a slew of autumn-themed e-cards which can be personalized with unique messages and your choice of music, and something about the bad design feels nostalgic. The Wayback Machine shows that 123greetings.com has barely changed in 20 years.

What better way to let an old friend know you're thinking of them than sending them a dancing squirrel with "Happy Autumn to you" written in a dumb funt?

The emails sometimes look like spam, but you'll know if your friend deleted them without checking—123greetings sends you an email whenever your friend opens the e-card. Find them here!