Attention egg throwers: The Chicago Egg Hunters are coming to find you

Who Is Egging Chicago? A Hard-Boiled Detective Story is a recent episode of the podcast ICYMI about the Chicago Egg Hunters, a dedicated online group of over 700 people who formed to do some detective work.

Lately, people walking around in Chicago have been getting hit with raw eggs from an anonymous egg thrower. There is a distinctive mark of graffiti at the scene of each egg crime, which makes the situation even weirder. This podcast episode reveals how an online community can track down information together to solve a mystery. 

From the episode webpage:"Somebody has been hurling raw eggs at people in Chicago. On today's episode, Rachelle and Madison try to crack the case of these egg attacks, and speak to the man who created the Chicago Egg Hunters Facebook group that has been on the hunt for the culprit ever since.