DEA issues warning about fake Xanax laced with fentanyl, doesn't mention its culpabilty

The Drug Enforcement Administration's war on certain people who use certain drugs is America's longest, running for over 50 years. It's a war that's been lost for decades, resulting in much harm and few if any benefits. The violent, racist, and corrupt war is also the greatest gift illegal drug cartels could have asked for — an unregulated black market.

Ironically, the DEA is now warning people not to take black market Xanax and other drugs because they could be adulterated with fentanyl, while conveniently neglecting mention that it is their policies and actions that created an incentive to make the deadly counterfeits in the first place.

From ABC News:

Drug Enforcement Administration Administrator Anne Milgram said as part of the eight-week operation, DEA and other law enforcement partners made more than 800 arrests, seizing 158 weapons as well as 712 kilos of powdered fentanyl in addition to a myriad of other illicit drugs.

The amount of fentanyl-laced pills seized by the DEA over the past eight weeks is enough to kill 700,000 people, Milgram said.

"We cannot stress enough the danger of these counterfeit pills," Milgram said. "We're seeing these pills being illegally sold in every state in the United States. They are cheap, they are widely available, they can be purchased online and on social media — so through people's phones, and they're extremely dangerous."

If the government really wanted to save lives they'd abolish the DEA and replace it with a department dedicated to dealing with climate change.

[image: DEA]