Mysterious "Halifax Hum" driving villagers nuts for a year

Residents of Holmfield, Halifax, England are complaining of a low-frequency humming noise they say has "tortured" them for a year. More than 400 citizens signed a petition urging the government to continue to investigate and put a stop to the noise.

"It's causing issues for people such as lack of sleep, headaches and pressure to the front of the head, foggy brain, painful ears, stress and anxiety which has led to me having a case of shingles," says resident Yvonne Conner.

From the BBC News:

In a recent cabinet meeting Calderdale Council councillor Scott Patient said investigations would continue, according to the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

"The service is convinced there is not one single source of noise and some have been discounted.

"They are still making tenable inquiries and as long as this exists will continue to investigate," he said.