$17,000 worth of girl guide cookies donated to charity

While you're busy using your annual haul of Girl Guide cookies to raise your blood sugar, the Girl Guides use the coin you tossed their way to ensure that kids, who might not have the opportunity to do so otherwise, can do cool things like go to summer camp, hang out in a safe place with other their own age and, pick up some sweet life skills along the way.

Pretty solid, if you ask me.

This, however is even more solid: according to Canadian news network CTV, an anonymous donor from Vancouver Island, has purchased over $17,000 worth of Girl Guide Cookies over the past two years and then, instead of dying in a biscuit-fuelled sugar orgy, asked that the cookies be donated to local charities. 

From CTV News:

Cassandra Jack, deputy district commissioner for the Nanaimo/Arbutus District says monies raised from the sales will go a long way to helping the guiding movement in the area.

"The money goes towards any of the activities that we do and we do everything from the outdoor camps, we have science programs come in and teach the girls different activities, all kinds of arts and crafts," Jack says.

From what CTV has to say, the girl guides who sold the cookies are the ones who get to decide which charities will wind up with the cookies.