Throw out your onions

Fresh whole onions are causing a Salmonella outbreak in 37 states, the CDC reports, and you should "throw away any unlabeled onions at home." No-one has died, but 129 people were hospitalized and hundreds more report falling ill. The warning applies to red, white, and yellow onions imported from Mexico by ProSource and distributed to many retailers throughout the U.S.: if you can't positively confirm your onions are not from ProSource and not from Mexico, trash 'em.

Do not buy or eat any whole fresh red, white, or yellow onions if they were imported from Chihuahua, Mexico and distributed by ProSource Inc.

Throw away any whole red, white, or yellow onions you have at home that do not have a sticker or packaging.

These onions may have stickers or packaging indicating the brand (ProSource Inc.) and the country (Mexico) where they were grown.

If you can't tell where the onions are from, don't buy or eat them.

Wash surfaces and containers these onions may have touched using hot soapy water or a dishwasher.