Corn is a healthy vegetable snack, right…?

People from Chicago rave about their Garrett Mix special popcorn, with a mix of half caramel corn and half cheese flavor. At first that sounded to me like mixing Cracker Jack with Cheetos—ugh. But when I tried some, I learned that the odd-sounding combination makes a highly addictive blend. Somehow the powdery cheese popcorn provides the perfect umami + buttery flavor with the sweet, candy caramel corn. Plus, the cheese corn's puffy, soft texture is a great contrast to the hard, crunchy caramel corn. I found a very similar "Chicago Mix" popcorn available locally from Cretors. Warning: Costco has GIANT sized bags—way too easy to binge! A safe approach is to get the multi-packs of smaller bags: stays fresher and provides automatic portion control.