"Farewell To Arm" is probably the best rock song ever written about Evil Dead

I've shared some songs here before by my friends in Model Decoy, a jazzy, R&B-driven rock band that mostly play songs about nerdy shit. "Farewell to Arm," above, is technically from a different, older iteration of the band, but it still displays their incredible talent for writing groovy tunes that bring gravitas to geeky stuff while making you bang your head.

It coulda been a perfect night
My girlfriend, sister, friends and I
Drove out to a cabin in the sticks
Now with all 4 dismembered
How this evening to remember
Became a night that I'd
Give my right arm to forget

Oh she wanted my fresh soul
In the fruit cellar
To leave me Dead By Dawn
I couldn't let her
I had to self-inflict a wound
Singlehanded, brokenhearted
My dear Linda now discarded
I wondered if we'd be together soon

Why, why did he have to touch that book that he found?
It occurs to me that some things are better
Left in the ground
That's 'cause Linda told me:

"We are the things that were and will be again
Don't try nothin stupid, boy we got your girlfriend
Won't you give up and join us? Be logical, man.
If you can't make your mind up, we can lend you a hand…"

You can buy "Farewell To Arm" via BandCamp, but fair warning: it's an awesome song, but it doesn't hold a candle to "The End of Jason Todd."

Image: NicksSawMart / Wikimedia Commons