Instagram model is on trial for distracting guard to break her mom out of Colombian prison

Aída Merlano Rebolledo became a Colombian senator in 2019, but she landed in prison several months later for voter fraud and corruption. Her sentence was for 15 years, but she only stayed in the slammer for two weeks thanks to her distracting daughter. According to prosecutors, 21-year-old Aída Victoria Merlano Manzanero kept guards occupied while her mother climbed out of the third-floor window of her dentist's office. She was on trial last week.

It was not long before prosecutors turned their attention to Aída Victoria, and the dentist, Javier Cely Barajas, as potential accomplices. In February 2020, Colombian authorities officially charged the two as being "instrumental" in the escape.

As she awaited her trial, Aída Victoria posted numerous photos and videos of herself with luxury cars, riding a pink inflatable swan, and promoting sex toys to her 2.5 million Instagram followers. 

Aída Victoria and Cely Barajas both pleaded innocent when their trial began on Tuesday this week. Both could face long prison sentences if found guilty.

The prosecutor alleged that when Merlano Rebolledo left prison the day of the escape she didn't have the tools she needed to break out of the dentist's office, according to local media. Aída Victoria was at the dental office that day and "facilitated" the escape and gave her mother a cell phone, prosecutors said.