Ann Arbor, Michigan is the country's first city to require tampons and pads in public restrooms

Effective January 1, 2022, Ann Arbor public restrooms must provide pads and tampons, as well as other hygiene products. It's the first city in the US to make free period products a requirement.

The ordinance, which passed through Ann Arbor city council unanimously on Nov. 15, also ensures that other sanitary products, including toilet paper, soap, paper towels and water, are also provided.

This comes amid a move to make period products more accessible and affordable across the state. Earlier this month, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed the "tampon tax" bill, which exempts products like pads and tampons from certain taxes. 

Detroit Free Press

A year ago, Scotland became the first country to provide free period products for all who need them.

Ann Arbor is the college town of the University of Michigan, and city has maintained a reputation for liberal politics for at least half a century. Democrats hold all ten city council seats as well as the mayor's office, and last year, the city became one of the first in the nation to decriminalize psychedelics (joining Denver, Oakland, and Satna Cruz).