CEO of ailing Peleton throws an exclusive party while reminding employees of their value

A questionable future and hiring freeze didn't stop Peleton's CEO from holding an instructors and other special guests-only holiday party, after banning celebrations for general employees.

NY Post:

John Foley, who also instituted a company-wide hiring freeze just last month, held an opulent holiday party at New York's luxury Plaza Hotel on Dec. 8, according to social media posts.

Just Peloton instructors — not other employees — were invited to the event, even though a company moratorium on parties and new hires was instituted over concerns about the company's future, according to a Peloton insider.

"All of the instructors and their plus-ones were invited to attend but companywide there was a moratorium on hiring and any holiday parties," the insider grumbled to The Post. "Company morale is at an all time low."