Japan and the issue of racial profiling

In recent months, Japan has come under fire for racially profiling people who visit the country. As a result, the US embassy has even issued a warning for Americans who decide to visit Japan. But is Japan inherently racist, or is the entire issue a massive cultural misunderstanding?

There can be no argument that Japan, as a homogenous country, doesn't have the same level of racial sensitivity found in America. Still, it would be wrong to attribute the insensitivity to racism as opposed to a lack of exposure. The issue of race in the West is inseparable from our perspective as Americans, irrespective of which side we take. I mean, racists obviously have strong feelings, albeit incorrect, about the issue of racism in America too. For Japanese natives, the concept of racism, on the whole, is more theoretical than functional due to the lack of ethnic diversity in the country.

In the video linked above, YouTuber and Japanese native Nobita from Japan provides a heartfelt explanation from the Japanese perspective. As a Black man infatuated with Japanese culture, I found the video enlightening and interesting. I hope you find it equally as illuminating.