Sega Saturn Devouring His Son

Yours for $500 is this remarkable work of art crafted in the unusual medium of hacked-up game consoles. "Sega Saturn Devouring His Son" is by Josh Oliver and a perfect accompaniment for a story today about how Sega exective Yuji Naka helped kill the Dreamcast by killing one of its most promising exclusive titles. He did so in spectacular and previously unreported fashion, as recalled by former Sega America employee Mark Subotnick: by blathering in Japanese that he was going to fire everyone on the American team working on it as soon as it was done, not realizing that they could understand him. Many fled the company as soon as they could find work elsewhere, dooming the hard-deadlined project.

Years of amorphous, complex explanations for why Sega failed so hard at the end of the 1990s! Sometimes simple ones will do.

(via Christa Lee)