Sick of Rowling's transphobia, Quidditch leagues look to rename the sport

Quidditch is evidently a lot more than people running around with brooms between their legs, chasing someone in a golden suit. Hoping to distance themselves from the transphobic Harry Potter author, US and UK leagues and organizations that have sprung up around Rowling's invented sport are ditching the name she gave it.


The joint statement from USQ and MLQ said they hoped the name change would help them to "continue to distance themselves from the works of JK Rowling", who they say "has increasingly come under scrutiny for her anti-trans positions in recent years."

"Our sport has developed a reputation as one of the most progressive sports in the world on gender equality and inclusivity, in part thanks to its gender maximum rule, which stipulates that a team may not have more than four players of the same gender on the field at a time," the statement continued.

Their position has been backed by the equivalent British body QuidditchUK, the national governing body for the sport.