Karaoke On Demand is perfect for those who want to scream a tune into the social distancing void

Hey, remember when we used to have a blast with other people instead of giving a hoot about germs? Fun times, fun times. Alas, thanks to the bewildering stupidity of half the country and a new strain of COVID blowing through literally everyone, we're back home and left to our own devices. That's cool, we've done it once and we can do it again, but this time, with feeling. Grab this Karaoke On Demand VIP Subscription and use music to unleash any harbored resentment against the unintelligent.  

What exactly is Karaoke On Demand? While other people are busy contracting COVID at karaoke bars after one too many gin and tonics, you can easily stream music and lyrics in the safety of your own home with your best fully vaccinated and tested buddies.

Use your phones, tablets, computers, laptops, OTT, or Smart TV to pick from thousands of your favorite jams to rock out to, just like you would at one of those crowded functions we once took for granted but now steer very clear of. If you've got a favorite lip sync earworm, it's almost certain Karaoke On Demand has it in its repertoire (ours is Wannabe by The Spice Girls, thanks for asking).

Okay, but what about connectivity requirements? Surely there are some restrictions on what Karaoke On Demand can plug into? We kid you not, dearest reader, there is virtually nothing Karaoke On Demand doesn't connect to. Use iOS, Android, Mac, or a PC to give it a go. Not into any of those processors? You can also use Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Nexus Player, and other streaming media boxes in order to sing your little heart out. 

Right now, you can save over $400 on a Karaoke On Demand VIP Subscription and grab it for just $149.99.

Prices subject to change.