The return of Confucianism in China

With the barbaric internment and extermination of Muslims and Christians ongoing in China, it's safe to say that the country and religion aren't fond of each other. Since religion can create a potentially radical element of society that can dilute loyalty to the state, leading to sedition, Communist countries usually seek to stomp faith out of existence as thoroughly as possible. Which only serves to make the return of Confucianism in modern-day China all the more puzzling. If you're going to get rid of any religion, you'd think you would start with the homegrown variants and work your way up to imports. However, even before the establishment of the People's Republic of China, Confucianism lost its hold on government and the hearts of the Chinese populace. So what caused the resurgence?

In the video linked above, the YouTube channel Religion for breakfast explains how the loss of Chairman Mao and his cult of personality fueled the revival of a streamlined, state-sponsored version of Confucianism.