Satan S'amuse is a spooky silent French film from 1907

Satan S'amuse (Satan at Play) is a 1907 French silent film directed by Segundo de Chomón. The film is spooky, filled with magical imagery, and gets bonus points for having been made over 100 years ago and being as cool as it is.

Chomón is regarded as one of the most important Spanish silent film directors, known for his camera tricks and optical illusions. You can see one of these super innovative optical illusions at 4:44 in the video, when potion bottles on a table contain miniature people inside of them. 

Description From Letterboxd: 

The Devil is bored. He goes back to Earth with a magic elevator. He surprises two sewer workers, disguises himself as a city man, and spreads improbable events: quarrel with a coachman, altercation with a city sergeant, mystification of a barman, quiproquo with couples… He's trapped in a cage with a young woman, and goes down to hell. Surprise, the young woman is Madame Devil who was disguised by jealousy.