This guy reversed engineer Wordle so he knows the answer to tomorrow's puzzle

Robert Reichel picked apart Wordle's source code and found all the words in its database and which words will be used in future games. Now he can win Wordle on the first try, every day.

I hopped over to Chrome's sources view and searched for the current word of the day gorge. I had one hit: gorge was in a static array that stored 2,315 words. So this was the wordlist itself! Now, we know which words are in the wordlist and which are not. The wordlist was assigned to a variable name that was a bit cryptic – La. It seems like many of the variables are given names that are not descriptive at all to make it a bit more difficult to read.

So at this point I knew the following:

1. Wordle doesn't make any web requests when verifying your answer – Everything is client-side.

2. The word of the day doesn't get embedded in page load – It's derived from the wordlist somehow.