King of the Hill is getting a revival series

Five years ago, I wouldn't have believed you if you told me that streaming networks would revive Veronica Mars and Twin Peaks. Now we're facing the prospect of every show with even the most modest fandom getting a reboot. You can chalk it up to a lack of creativity in Hollywood or the modern obsession with nostalgia, but nothing stays dead in the world of media. Typically, I would view this through the eyes of cynicism, but Mike Judge just announced that King of the Hill is coming back and that just fills me with glee, I tell ya what. 

Since its cancellation on Fox-to make room for the Cleverland Show, of all things–King of the Hill's brand of wit and social commentary has been sorely missed by millions. With the entrenched political division, host of wild conspiracy theories, and evolving social norms running rampant in America, the new King of the Hill will have no shortage of potent material to lampoon.