Slush ejected from snowplow damages at least 40 vehicles, injures 12 in Ohio

A snowplow driver barreling down an Ohio freeway sent a plume of slush onto the road that caused at least 12 people to suffer injuries. As the devil-may-care operator made his merry way down the turnpike, at least forty cars were damaged. The driver was temporarily relieved of his snow-removal duties pending the results of a test for drugs and alcohol.

From WTKR:

Because the truck was traveling at such a high speed, the snow was thrown to the other side of the highway, landing on cars driving in the opposite direction. 

"A lot of them didn't even know what to do, they just they kind of tried to stay in their own lane and hope to weather it," Lemon said. 

As the snow hit the cars, they lost control of their vehicles, with one car driving off the side of the road. That car, Lemon said, had a hole the size of a beach ball in the front windshield.

Lemon said he pulled over and talked to victims of the crash, some who had arm and shoulder injuries, others who had "blood all over their faces."

In the videos below you can see a car swerve off the road into a field and a semi-truck jackknife.