Learn Python, JavaScript, and more with this programming bundle, now just $21

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Whether you're looking for a job you can do from home or want to secure a higher salary in your position down the road, learning to program is an excellent opportunity to increase your creative and professional potential. That's because nearly every technological industry uses a programming language to operate, from app creation to web design and so much more.

Whether you've dabbled in some code or are entirely new to the programming world, the courses offered in the Ultimate Programming Bundle give you the insight and tools necessary to unlock the world these widely used computer languages have to offer. And at just $20.99, it's a worthy investment in your creative future.

This programming bundle is an incredible value, giving you access to a full-fledged crash course in JavaScript, where you learn about the procurement and purchasing management process and have the opportunity to build a ReactJS website. You'll also learn all about the importance of Python by exploring different data types, loops, the Python command line, docstrings, and beyond.

Lastly, the bundle gives you access to a course that teaches you general programming and Database Diploma Level 3, where you'll acquire essential skills and knowledge necessary for today's industry. You'll also learn to use a structured query language and run web apps with different database technologies.

The brilliant minds behind Alpha Academy carefully curated these courses. Alpha Academy is a respected online learning platform led by experienced instructors with an impressive average of 4.2 out of 5 stars from previous students. In addition, all of the courses in this bundle are CPD accredited, adding value to your skills as an employee and giving you the extra edge you need to earn a higher salary, compete against hopeful job applicants, and so much more.

Get access to the three dynamic courses offered in the Ultimate Programming Bundle, deeply discounted to just $20.99.

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