Short Round is back!

Ke Huy Quan, best known for his portrayals of Data in The Goonies and Short Round in the mediocre second Indiana Jones movie, is in a new film and he wants Hollywood to know he is here to stay. Having left show business , the script for Everything All At Once brought him back.

Empire Online:

Among the child actors that defined the 1980s, Ke Huy Quan stands tall – even if he was most famous for playing a character named Short Round. Between Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom and The Goonies, where he played the gadget-packed Data, Quan starred in two of the decade's greatest adventure movies – but for the past thirty-plus years, he's been largely absent from our screens. Now, he's back in a big way in Everything Everywhere All At Once – the new film from director duo the Daniels, previously behind the totally-out-there Swiss Army Man. This one is a multiverse-spanning odyssey, as Michelle Yeoh's Evelyn is made aware of alternate realities where she pursued different life-paths. Quan plays her husband, who also has multiple variants existing in various timelines.

Though Quan had decided to leave acting behind him, the script for Everything Everywhere All At Once made its way to his door, and was powerful enough to bring him back to the business. "I started reading it at 1am," remembers Quan, "and I didn't finish until 5am. I laughed so hard and so long, I woke up my wife. And by the time she came out, I had tears running down my cheeks. She said, 'Are you okay?' I said, 'I love this script. And I think this role is written for me.'"