How they make mochi

Discovering mochi felt like finding a secret code in a video game. Even more startling was the revelation that Japanese people just have this delectable treat lying around their country. They don't even have to work for it. Well, yes, they have to work to acquire the currency necessary to purchase it, but the process of procuring it is as commonplace for them as buying a pack of Starburst is for Americans.

I understand that mochi is equally available in the States, but it isn't woven into the fabric of the culture yet. Apologies to my future first-born child, but being introduced to mochi was the most important day of my life; to Japanese people, it was Tuesday.

In my obsession with this confectionery marvel, I wanted to understand every aspect of it. The video linked above is the fruit begotten from my quest into the bowels of the internet.

Nah, actually, it was pretty easy to find- just like mochi in America.