Great stories and details in new Hendrix book

There are plenty of books about Jimi Hendrix so why did I like this new one? Rock journalists and brothers Harvey and Kenneth Kubernik  have assembled a wonderful timeline-in-a-box full of photos, artifacts, and interviews that outline the event-packed last four years of Hendrix's life and career.

It's told directly through the voices of the people who knew and worked with him: fellow musicians, record producers, journalists, promoters, family members, and many fans, both famous and unknown. The trove of images includes performances and candid snapshots, ticket stubs, recording session logs, proof sheets, trade ads, studio blueprints—lots of cool details all along the way. (I loved the shot of Hendrix and drummer Mitch Mitchell "jamming" in a hotel room—with a copy of MAD magazine used as a practice pad.) Even if you already know his story, you'll enjoy this Hendrix collection.

Jimmy Hendrix: Voodoo Child [Amazon]