This Mississippi school district's letter tragically firing an assistant principal for reading a children's book to a 2nd-grade class is also hilarious

I realize I am perhaps talking out of my ass, but I think the book the Assistant Principal Toby Price chose to read to a 2nd-grade class was perfectly fine. I Need a New Butt! seems pretty much in line with about 1/3rd the books that were on hand at my daughter's co-op when I had to read to the kids, 10 or more years ago.

The letter from the School District is hilarious in what it is trying to portray as somehow evil! Are they mad about the bad rhyme in the fart joke? Being mad at "Everyone has a butt: the book" shows a distinct lack of creativity in their attempted oppression.

Pen America asks us to sign a petition protesting the firing:

Recognizing that public schools house diverse populations with different tastes and standards means recognizing that there may be times when educators, administrators, librarians, parents, and students disagree as to the appropriateness of a particular book for a particular school setting. Such disagreements should be worked out through dialogue and allowing a range of voices to be heard, not heavy-handed reprimands or, worse, termination decisions. One need only consider for a moment the kind of chill this decision will send across the school and district, to realize it is misguided. This decision risks making every professional in the district think twice about reading any book to students, lest they run afoul of someone else's definition of what may be "appropriate" or "embarrassing" and put their own career and livelihood in jeopardy.

Your decision to punish Mr. Price for reading this book is deeply concerning. It is a threat to the freedom to read, learn, and teach, which should be protected and upheld in schools. Reading and sharing literature, even on silly topics, should be celebrated in public education, not become a cause for punishment.