Personal info of 120,000 Russian soldiers was leaked by Anonymous

International hacker group Anonymous continues to continue their war against Putin, this time involving Russian soldiers. The group said on Twitter they have leaked personal data of 120,000 Russian soldiers in Ukraine. The information, which Anonymous actually disclosed in March, according to Fortune, includes "dates of birth, addresses, passport numbers, and unit affiliation."

"All soldiers participating in the invasion of Ukraine should be subjected to a war crime tribunal," Anonymous added to the tweet (see below).

From Fortune:

While Anonymous announced the leak on Sunday, it occurred in early March and first appeared on Pravda, a Ukrainian news outlet, days after the invasion began. 

The outlet did not disclose the source of the leak but stated the "Center for Defense Strategies acquired this data from reliable sources," according to Newsweek.

This week, the Russian military has been facing even more scrutiny after concern was raised over alleged human rights abuses in Bucha. Reports suggested civilians were being abused and killed, and some say corpses have been found in yards, streets, and cars.