Take a look at this old Japanese railroad that was turned into a bike ride

There was nothing better than finding a disused lot or vacant construction site when I was a kid. In a child's eyes, a dilapidated building can easily turn into the DeathStar or the Hall of Justice. All you need is a keen imagination and a few friends.

The idea behind giving abandoned spaces a facelift might be more applicable today than it was during childhood. There are a host of disused spaces that, without proper intervention, will morph into yet another strip mall. Sometimes, you have to apply a child's mind to make the most out of old spaces.

The Gifu Prefecture in Japan used this concept to turn an old railroad into a new form of entertainment. Instead of demolishing the railway, the prefecture turned the tracks into a bike ride that allows you to take a scenic journey through the woods. You can check out photos and a video of the ride in the post embedded above.