Watch this fan-made grimdark Scooby Doo reboot

Mystery Incorporated is a new YouTube web series that basically applies the CW's Riverdale formula to the Scooby Doo gang, injecting new life into a beloved children's franchise with beautiful performers and heightened melodrama that corrupts your nostalgic memories with sex, violence, and substance abuse. What's not to love?

When the small town of Coolsville becomes a hot bed for unexplained supernatural activity, a grief-stricken star athlete, a brainiac, a socialite, a rebellious loner, and his Great Dane must form an unlikely team to hunt down and stop the evil that has befallen their town.

This particular series began its life as a concept trailer back in February 2020 — you remember that month, right? The End of the Beforetimes? — which lead to an incredibly successful IndieGoGo fundraising campaign. Series creators Dade Elza and and Jessica Chancellor also play the roles of Fred Jones and Daphne Blake, respectively.

Here's the setup for the hour-long pilot episode, which you can watch above:

The journey begins as Fred Jones sets out to investigate the creature who murdered his parents. His search leads him into resident skeptic Velma Dinkley and the two must form a quick bond to fight back against the evil they have accidentally unleashed.