Tune into "John's Old Time Radio Show" to hear some one-of-a-kind records

John's Old Time Radio Show is an incredible music podcast by John Heneghan. Every episode, he plays and talks about 78 rpm records from his collection. When I can't decide whether to listen to music or a podcast, this podcast is my go-to because it includes both music and fun conversation. Each episode explores a different theme or genre, and many episodes feature interesting guests such as R. Crumb, who play records from their own collection. A new episode gets posted on the first of every month, and you can listen here or on another podcast streaming service like itunes. 

Here's a featured episode in which R. Crumb is a guest:

OTRS 121 R. CRUMB'S RECORD ROOM PART 52 "WACKY RECORDS FROM THE 1920'S" | John's Old Time Radio Show