Oishii strawberries, formerly $50 for 8, are now just $6 for 3

Fast Company calls New York's Oishii strawberries "the Tesla of strawberries." The Japanese variety Omakase berries, which are grown on vertical farms, sold for $50 for a tray of 8. But Oishii recently slashed prices after building a 74,000 square-foot facility that uses the latest in robotics and automation to farm and harvest the berries.

From Fast Company:

With the opening of its newest and biggest vertical farm, exclusively dedicated to growing strawberries, in Jersey City, New Jersey, the company is now able to meet customer demand and sell its products at a lower price point. The 74,000 square-foot new facility—which has a carefully controlled artificial environment with specific lighting and bees to cross pollinate plants—is the largest of its kind in the world. Using robotics and automation, the farm is also more eco-friendly than the company's earlier operations, using 60% less energy and 40% less water than Oishii's first-generation technology. These measures also save the company money, helping it reduce the strawberries' price.

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