Dwayne Johnson is extra bad-ass in the first trailer for the new Black Adam movie

My main exposure to Black Adam comes from DC's 2006-2007 miniseries 52, in which the anti-hero's plotline mostly involves starting a family and learns what it means to protect his home. It's a compelling and heartbreaking story that really made me love the character — so I'm relieved and excited that the upcoming Black Adam movie starring Dwayne Johnson looks to be taking some cues from that.

For those unfamiliar, Black Adam is a predecessor to Zachary Levi's Shazam (also previously known in comics as Captain Marvel, not to be confused with that other Captain Marvel). Like Shazam, Black Adam got his powers from the wizard at the Rock of Eternity … back in ancient Egypt. But he was corrupted, and buried in shame. He's eventually resurrected in the present day, and in most continuities, serves as kind of the angry noble counterpart to the cheerful Captain Marvel, occasionally ruling the fictional Middle Eastern country of Kahndaq as a sort-of benevolent dictator who has a strong moral code and desire to do good, but will not hesitate to do awful things to protect his people.

What really matters here is that the Shazam! movie was surprisingly delightful, and that Dwayne Johnson is (not-so-surprisingly) also delightful, so this, too, has all the makings to suggest it will be full of delight!