Secret malt shop speakeasy hidden in TV repair store

On a recent trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin I was reminded of the city's love of unpretentious, wacky fun. (Milwacky?) 

I met a friend for breakfast but he said first he had to drop off a VCR to be repaired. Huh? On a corner nearby the defunct Allen-Bradley factory "Don's TV Repair" shop was dark and closed. The sign said to go to the shop next door. There we found a small grocery store with a pinball machine and counter. My friend mentioned loudly "I sure could go for an ICE COLD 7-UP!"—and voila!—the vintage soda machine swung open like a door to reveal a secret passage. By saying the secret password we were admitted to the speakeasy hidden inside!

Now it all made sense: the sign out front had actually said "LIQUID REPAIRS, TV DINNERS." The décor is dark bar and booths combined with TV repair shop, complete with vintage picture-tube tv sets, Zenith and RCA signage, video games, and even a repair shop/party room with a tool-filled pegboard wall. 70s/80s/90s pop culture memorabilia abounds with StarWars, ET, and even Lew Alcindor on the cover of an old magazine (ask your friend's grandpa from Milwaukee). It's like being on the set for "Stranger Things."

The menu has crazy offerings like Fruity Pebble Pancakes, Bourbon Donut Holes, and Milwaukee Fish Fry "all day, every day." Best of all: the Boozy Shakes, like the "Commodore 64" with Korbel Brandy, cherry, orange, bitters, vanilla ice cream, served with Cool Whip and a Hostess Cherry Pie on top (and the malt glass is rimmed with multi colored sprinkles)!

Shh—don't tell. It's our secret…

Don's Speakeasy