Rage playlist

If, like me, you woke up yesterday to the SCOTUS Roe decision with utter despair and white-hot rage burning in your heart, here's a playlist to help you scream it all out. Music always, always helps. When you're done, gather yourself, go to a march this weekend, then work like hell to elect pro-choice Democrats in the midterms and in all levels of government.

Ann Powers describes the playlist she put together, which she calls, "A Woman's Rage: Songs About Being Fed Up":

Some of the songs on this playlist use the language of failing romance to express the bigger need for personal agency and freedom. Others confront harassment or other ways women have been treated as less than human. Some are funny; others tap into anger so hot it's hard to listen to them. Many were written or recorded by young women finding their power in the moment. Others come from weathered voices, sharing wisdom. At four hours, I stopped compiling, but I could have kept going indefinitely, I think. What would you add? We need this soundtrack: a way of saying "no way" that's really inspiration to keep going on.