Psychiatrist evaluates authenticity of movie psychopaths

The quote, "Drama is life with the dull bits cut out," applies to every genre and medium of storytelling. Watching the real exploits of a buddy cop duo would be mind-numbingly dull, but through the lens of cinema, that same interaction becomes Lethal Weapon. However, despite the substantial latitude that fans will allow storytellers to distort reality, audiences also, rather paradoxically, demand a story possess facets of realism to ground the narratives they consume. It's a strange dance that varies from genre to genre and story to story, but every narrative is a participant, even if unintentionally, in this duality. 

One arena that grants storytellers a little extra leeway is when fictional characters suffer from psychosis. Most people haven't interacted with enough mentally ill people to vouch for a movie's veracity in portraying psychosis. In the video linked above, GQ endeavors to remedy this issue by allowing a psychiatrist to authenticate the behaviors of cinema's most memorable psychopaths.