Heavy Metal magazine is taking another crack at movie making

The 1981 Heavy Metal anthology film, based on the popular science fiction / fantasy magazine of the same name, was the stuff of legends amongst my friend group growing in the late 90s. It had the edginess of underground comix, with all the nerdy goodness you could hope for, plus scintillating women and a sick soundtrack.

During the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con, the publishing company revealed the sizzle reel above to announce their new plans to launch a whole "Metalverse" of film and TV products based on their extensive IP catalog. From the press release:

At the panel, attendees were also treated to a sneak peek of the upcoming Heavy Metal animated television series Moon Lake, created by award-winning actor-writer Dan Fogler and based on his anthology graphic novel series. The horror comedy television series, currently in development and seeking distribution, is being co-produced by Heavy Metal, Fogler, Emmy and Peabody-winning Executive Producer Daniel Powell, and Emmy Award-winning animation studio Bardel Entertainment, the studio behind hit shows like Rick and Morty and Teen Titans Go!. Moon Lake is a thirty-minute animated TV show hosted by the Man in the Moon, a farcical character reminiscent of iconic TV anthology hosts of the past who has been held captive by "moon-men" since childhood. He prevents these aliens from attacking Earth by keeping them endlessly entertained with shocking tales of gruesome horror and hilarity

"Just as Heavy Metal Magazine changed the way the world looked at comic books, and how the '81 animated film Heavy Metal changed animation forever, Heavy Metal Studios is about to take the reins on live action content and push it far past its current stagnation and into new heights. Things will never be the same again, again," said Tommy Coriale, Heavy Metal's President and Head of Studio.

The company also announced some web3 crypto promotional stuff to help build the hype but, uhhh, I don't think BoingBoing readers will be as excited about that aspect of it.

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