Man rescues a tiny parakeet egg and raise the hatchling

In this video, a man rescues a tiny parakeet egg from a pet store. The mother who laid the egg had already been sold, so he decided to incubate it himself. The little bird that emerges from the egg looks like a piece of fuzzy bubblegum. I can't believe how tiny it is. Watch as this little pink baby gets fed, cared for, and then turns into a beautiful grown parrot. 

From Youtube:

"I found a tiny budgie egg at a pet shop. If I could incubate it, would I be able to raise it?  With these big human hands? Its mother had just been sold. This meant the egg would have no chance without me giving it a try. 

Last Saturday we had some music technicalities to solve. Sorry if you have been waiting on the video. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did making it :)"